Saturday, November 15, 2008

When the Fresh Oyster meet Wine

Jakarta - This is a rare opportunity! 12 oyster sample tersegar from all over the world. Feeling the softness of fresh oyster meat from cakangnya, chew slowly, tracking the texture and aroma. Then 'flush' it with 3 white wine selection. Info and instructions from the 'Oyster King', Bill Marinelli to make the event Oyster & Wine Tasting is more just terrible! Resources hornet Oyster fresh oysters or my located on the texture of the meat is very soft, slippery and the fresh flavor of the sea. Therefore, the opportunity to try Oyster fresh, live oysters imported directly from various parts of the world I do not smoke and neglect. Saturday and tens of our community trying to receive Jalansutra challenge from Bill Marinelli. Oyster experts from the United States has since the age of 17 years wrestle with the oysters. The bill now menggawangi 'The Oyster Bar' in the gourmet Garage this unsparing in a pickup trying to fresh oysters. There are 12 kinds of fresh oysters from Japan, the United States, Canada and France are presented. From the usual valuable to the termahal! Before the taste of oysters, Yarra Burn Pinot Chardonnay Sparkling Wine MEUNIER 2004 to note the taste. Sparkling wine production Yarra Burn, from the Yarra Valley is spread aroma of fresh oranges. With a sour taste fresh yeast Sparkling soft and subtle impressions earthy mushroom flavor into pembilas think that fits. Before the oysters are fresh, the Bill also ask if there was a 'virgin Oyster' - which has never taste fresh oysters at all. Because there is no claim that, the aluminum plate of about 30 cm in berdiameter that contains oyster-oyster segarpun presented. The plates were given ice serut contains 3 kinds of fresh oysters; Olympia, Kumamoto and Blue Point in the open shells. In accordance with the instructions Bill, Olympia oysters became the first trying. Oysters pretty small, at shells virgin is a type of Pacific oyster, which takes 5 years to reach the size mungilnya. Setelah dikucuri sedikit air jeruk lemon, tirampun menyentuh lidah. It feels very soft, sweet, tinged with a sense of restless, krenyes-krenyes very good. Even that, though small taste very complex! Kumamoto oyster, which comes from Kyushu, Japan and breed in California this level also have a different feeling soft. Dibaluri oyster meat such as peanut oil, savory taste with a slightly sweet. Once swallowed the flavor of the sea that feels vague remaining in the mouth cavity. Legendaries oysters from the waters of Long Island Sound, New York this large size. Juntaian soft edge of the oyster meat was savory taste the same with the Philippines. Gurihnya sense of lasting until the end even feel a little sweet in the mouth cavity. This is very impressive for me. Variant accents feeling each clam meat really hit! If not yet closed with the oyster juice mixed with lemon juice is left in the cakangnya. Sluurrp ... slightly sour, salty and fresh! Before the next sample 3 shellfish; BARRON Point Virginica, Wescott Bay and Point BARRON, Bill pickup blend of classic white wine for seafood - Otuwhero Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2006. White wine from Marlborough New Zealand is spread very clear sense of the composer, even in the end leave tinged Fruity aroma that is very good. It feels fit to 'flush' soft savory taste of fresh oyster meat. Although identical BARRON Point oysters from the Virginica felt more complicated with a strong spongy texture, while BARRON Point from Japan more palatable tinged with the sweet durable. This is of course because the type of sea water, temperature and breeding different procedures. Meanwhile, Wescott Bay from the Portuguese did not feel too obvious, there are savory taste, slightly sweet and crispy. The third contains a plate of oysters Jorstad Creek, Effingham Inlet and Eagle Rock is quite challenging because of the different oyster shells. Jorstad Creek, a sense gurihnya softer minerals, while the mixed aroma of fresh vegetables to be characteristic of Eagle Rock. Effingham Inlet from Canada is a little different because it feels like crispy seaweed, fresh, slightly spicy taste with a sweet tinge. 9 sample fresh oysters we had to make the last plate forward. Very interesting view of oysters, oyster because this tends to be large, flat, broad similar scallop. Fine De Claire from France is very unique, tasteful until the end of crispy. However, both types of oysters last; Deep Bay Belon, and Westcott Bay flats, both types of flat oysters really surprising. Rancid flavor that is very strong dominant. Deep Bay Belon throw the sharp flavor of the sea, although the meat feels slightly sweet. Similarly with the last oyster, Westcott Bay flats. Oysters from San Juan this wide flat meat, a little color kecokelatan, chewy texture, but with crispy sweet taste in the mouth of the well. Aroma anyirnya not as the Deep Bay Belon. Moreover, the Bill suggest to mignonette sauce. Reddish sauce with sliced onion and red wine is heavily. I made allegations of red wine vinegar with a mixture of dry white wine. When collide with mignonette sauce is the oyster meat feels very terrible lezatnya. Interlude Hugel Riesling 2005, which slightly sweet, sour aroma Fruity with a strong complement to become a more perfect! If the person is fresh oysters can trigger sexual passion is. Because the oysters contain a number of minerals that trigger the hormone testoteren work, which can increase the libido of men. At least your future 'they get the' delicacy because of oyster meat prices also 2 fresh oysters last termahal in the world! Vicki ... you ...