Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Blowfish is the actual name of a kind of fish in the sea swell that will push themselves at the enemies. To be able to enjoy the Blowfish is a good challenge apart from the chef and pemakannya because it contains a toxic death. However, if done the right way, the fish can be a delicious meal.

However, the Blowfish concept of 'kitchen and bar,' and is in the room floor, 29 suites and 30 Menara Danamon Jakarta offers to the public to enjoy the challenges of the style of fish Blowfish. Various elements that do not become a regular challenges to be enjoyed. Start from the arrangement of the room to establish the concept of food into a strong concept.

"Blowfish is a lifestyle," said Kiki North, which serves as PR Manager. With the concept of space food and beverage and food Blowfish presents a challenging lifestyle to continue to enjoy.

When the exit from the elevator on the floor of a 29 visitors will be greeted by an Aquarium with some fish in the Blowfish. Before the entrance to the restaurant a few screen TV sets in the wall that display a character animation stories.

A Russian Roulete Table in the middle of the restaurant. In this unique table midst of their own, there is a small pool of water stretching to the row of candle-wax in the middle. It can accommodate 26 people dining night visitors at once. For the people of the capital city on the 1 table with other people who are not known is not popular. "This is a challenge," said Kiki.

In this arrangement the floor made a minimalist futuristic without the slightest impression that Japan become the mainstay visible. With the concept of 'open kitchen' so a visitor can see directly the process of cooking the order. "They can also ask for added flavor or reduced in accordance with the taste of each," said Kiki. Thus, creating a feel of intimacy between visitors and crews are working.

Unique modern Japanese cuisine that Blowfish pledge made by a chef named Hugo Adrian precisely from the United States. Can be the 'it more Japanese chef from Japan.

Various types of Japanese cuisine is quite new for the public Jakarta can be selected. However cuisine-popular Japanese cuisine which has long been known to get in the message. This restaurant can only accommodate 75 people at once. Therefore, anyone who wants to sample the food and atmosphere here must be booked 2 days earlier.

Meanwhile, for which you want to enjoy the atmosphere must rise to the lounge room which is located on the top. Both want to present challenges to be menikmat atmosphere atmosphere. To go to the bar one must pass through a ladder that emit bright light. Appliances is actually less flashy popular among the 'party people'. However, it accidentally created a trade mark for the Blowfish.

Space bar is designed to use the lighting is very minimal. Light the candles on each table, there are seemingly attached to the light-light tower that high buildings in the area of Sudirman and Kuningan to bring an exclusive sensation. In some corners installed to reinforce the stress lampion room. Although lighting up while visitors are still able to know with other visitors who come here.

In the bars of various beverages typical Blowfish made by the bartender. They become the mainstay of cocktail and mocktail made with fresh fruit. Among them is the kiwi fruit, strawberry, passion fruit and pounded on the glass and then mixed in with some type of alcoholic beverage. Sedangan wine cellar the size of 4 meters high with a width of 1-2 meters can accommodate more than 986 types of wine.

Even here there is a wine from France called Chateau Petrus Pomerol 1995 with the sale price of Rp. 20-35 million perbotol. Meanwhile, Freemark Abbey Napa Valley with the sale price of Rp. 3.5 perbotol, and this type of a collection of the oldest. Not many cigar manufacturers from various countries leading Blowfish presented to the audience. A staff who provide advice to visitors about the wine and cigar the right to enjoy.

Currently, every Friday evening thema made to bring the DJ Joyo, which will entertain audiences bar with jazz music-house. Meanwhile, every Saturday night thema Mambo accompany visitors with songs R & B.