Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Sedaxeion & Pulse (CO2) 1st Anniversary

No area feels CO2 Embassy club has aged 1 year. Since the beginning of this room penyuka zero in the underground dance scene. No wonder if the selection of music and directed the interior concept as an alternative for communities that have saturated the atmosphere with the main room Embassy.

With such a young age to enjoy food, progressive dark, deep Trance, Trance and techno can be adrenaline pumping CO2 in the party. Occasional R & B music is played in this entertainment area.

On Feb. 28 and CO2, which occupy land former club Lava Lounge re-checked the first year. Event also be a moment of the launching of perfume products to urban men. No less DJ Heaven from the UK, Anton, Romy, Riri, Random, Miko appearing decoy audience in the main room Embassy.

The Disc Jockey is mix-turns in a mixed dance floor with the songs have the character of deep house, progressive, up to the break beat. No less than 1,500 party goers to use the main club room Embassy.

Center kemeriahan night in the area of CO2 to host the party. Music DJ who played in the room is more focused on a genre Trance deep, dark progressive to techno. Even DJ Christian Smith, known as its image-bearer of British techno from the appropriate to satisfy crowd CO2. Similarly, DJ Nick Toth and DJs and DJ Ardie Faith And Irwan appear no less enthralling.

Attendance Embassy as a newcomer in the world capital of the night has become the main purpose of clubbers enjoy the string of swing dance music. During the almost 1 year and feel this is shown through a typical design room, the choice of music, and light and sound systems that are difficult to be found in any other club.

Dancefloor Embassy always fulfilled by the party, people who have established the potential economic and age. Embassy atmosphere more targeted to the young executives aged 25 to 35 years.

Embassy achieve market success among clubbers lead to reliable age youth not yet accommodated. For an arena that opened clubbing undeniably popular underground groups young market. Their presence will add splendor trusted clubbing scene Embassy and ultimately survive against competition in the entertainment industry in the capital city. An arena called CO2, which had placed the location used by the club Lava Lounge.

To achieve very easy because direct connect via a ladder down from Embassy. "Because there are O2, the CO2 we choose to name this new place," said Yoyo, which became Marketing Manager.

Several months before a stadium roof open at the Embassy has dioperasionalkan for presenting different atmosphere. O2 called this area more often does not work when the rainy season. Embassy currently offers three different atmosphere in one location in the discotheque. Visitors choose to live in accordance with the area's their favorite. "Audience like to get a different atmosphere at the same time," Yoyo game

CO2 in the atmosphere felt by the many visitors who enjoy no stopping rock music beat. String of dance music DJs who played often provoke a spontaneous movement of body while the joy on fellow clubbers. Although the luminous minimalist atmosphere, but still felt by shining laser game interesting. Atmosphere that was created to make visitors comfortable with the expression freely without fear known.

"Through our focus CO2 convenience of visitors through the touch of decoration," said Yoyo.

After a tired berdisko visitors can relax in comfortable sofas in the room while his contemporary say drink special CO2. Carbon from the start, Burble Heas, Sun Ride worth Rp. 60 to Rp. 80 thousand to be checked's atmosphere. Embassy there in their own 'Embassy Punch' for RP. 60 thousand as a special drink.

CO2 as Embassy opened every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday starting at 22:00 - 04.00 wib. Special weekend, when the clubbing scene held up to 05.00 hrs. Currently, each day Friday CO2 display expertise and DJ Ai Dj Ardi party, people entertain young age. As a guest DJs play a variety of both style dance music from progressive to deep house that is being enjoyed by children South. The visitors from young people generally do not feel affected by any issues.

According to Yoyo, beroperasional arena during this number continues to show improvement. CO2 can he hope to achieve the target number of visitors. Currently, the arena is able to accommodate 600 visitors, while at the Embassy can be fulfilled by 2500 audiences at a time .

CO2 is very consider the mood of visitors. No wonder if this area prefer DJ-DJ 'indigenous', which is considered to understand the taste of local clubbers. Since standing CO2 mengkonsep want to develop self-potential DJs local DJs with the opportunity to give expression to play here. One of the event will be held is the DJ-DJ competition which aims to develop local capacity of local DJs. Best DJ will get a gift watches eksklusive which is engraved the name DJs.

True Club
Not too difficult to find the Embassy. Position at the corner of South Park Ria Senayan complex, part of the East End Building Unit 704. Since its soft opening on June 12, 2002, this place attracts the attention of the direct clubber Jakarta. Dekorasinya, especially the interior, which makes it different minimal with the club ever.

Attendance Embassy in Jakarta appears to provide a new wind of the development of the night. Especially when combined with the trend bergesernya live music or karaoke to the music played DJ. Now, it caught the clubbers who may be saturated with 'the program' eat-eat while enjoying the music entertainment.

When entering the room stylish classic minimalist touch with the Funk, especially before bOOks time progresses, likely interprestasi Embassy says is not a club. May be more suitable as the lounge, restaurant, cafe or just a big room amounting to a place for people to enjoy happy hours before depart to the house each.

Reason is simple. Rooms ablaze with the colors of white domination from the floor, walls, to drape it. This place is also not equipped with a stage-like club generally another club. Meanwhile, the lighting devices such as club or cafe in general, most of which decorate the ceiling, not so colorful.

But, more so the night crawl, the initial allegations that turn 180 degrees. The lamp-light the light was very bright start overcast. Instead, dozens of multicolored lights' are 'to the glass walls of the closed white curtain. Colorful lights switch this time to give the impression that, walls change.

Along with the music I played DJ Faith, Irwan DJ, and DJ Mico, is the third DJ make. Through their creativity, the music mixed into house garage, Tribal house, and the tech-house. This option is tailored to the target audience age of 21 to 35 years.

"Music that we select the play aims to educate each guest to drink but not tripping. And it supported the atmosphere and the room's atmosphere. With the delegates themselves to be lazy tripping," said renita Pontoh, PR Embassy.

As a new comer Embassy's promise of satisfaction. In addition to a different concept, said Nita, Embassy governance equipped with light and sound governance to date with the best quality. Equipment that is 11 High End Track Spot, 16 Strobes, and Martin Light DJ Controller for lighting.

To produce a good sound audible There are 14 Main RCF Speakers, 24 Whaferdale fill in speakers, 16 Sub Woofers, all with the power of 30,000 watts. It is still supported by 150 inch LCD projector screen, DVD Player and Martin Image Scan (Slide Projector) for the purpose of the visual. Meanwhile, support the needs of DJ TECHNICS MK3, pioneer CDJ 1000 and Allen & Health Xone 62.

Currently Embassy operate every Sunday (20.00-02.00), Wednesday (22.00-04.00), Thursday (21.00-03-00), Friday and Saturday (22.00-05.00). Every Saturday the club is able to accommodate more than 900 audience this show periodically guest DJs.