Saturday, November 15, 2008

Jambalaya & Gumbo from New Orleans Style

Jakarta - Music jazz, garlic, tomatoes, paprika and rice dish berbaur be unique. Jambalaya, fragrant aroma offensive and chicken gumbo tasty bit of a spicy lunch menu is satisfactory. It appeared that not much need to New Orleans in northeastern Louisiana, United States. Enough to stop restaurant in south Jakarta. When I sit down to feel the warm atmosphere is the choice of young brown color, red and purple for ursula interior space Orleans bistros. it. I very plainly want to know, what I like Creole food, Cajun typical New Orleans presented in Jakarta. Given the bistros is the only one who dare to offer New Orleans cuisine. New Orleans Culinary very unique because it developed from the multietnis. The influence of culinary French, Spanish, Italian, Cajun, Creole, African and United States establish a unique creative dish taste so famous in the world. The use of many spices, tomato, onion and paprika to create specialty Lousiana This is more challenging and Spicy. This was proved when I try Creole sampler. Stylish Racikan Creole Lousiana is slightly different with Cajun. Creole is more similar to European cuisine with fresh ingredients and spices typical Luoisana. Served in the circular plates of chicken gumbo, Jambalaya and shrimp bisque and mango in a small bowl plus a few slices bauquette. Gumbo typical New Orleans is made from chicken meat plus a little rice. Color black, thick, savory taste with the aroma plus more than 20 kinds of spices. It feels very good and very slightly spicy scent. Jambalaya, is more challenging with a reddish orange color. Because the material is made from seafood, tomatoes, spices and was sliced sausage smoke heavily. Slightly sweet, sour, savory taste with a dominant strong. Meanwhile, bisque that no other chowder with a mild curry flavor with a savory taste of shrimp and fresh mango is sour. Olive pasta salad, which consists of 3 color spiral pasta with vinaigrette dressing, blend olive oil and balsamic vinegar feels very fresh with a topping of paprika a finely chopped. Unique sense of shock and challenging again when I taste a sampling of Chicken Piquant. Two slices of chicken fillet given flavor sauce piquant rice stir-fry presented with paprika, carrots and zucchini stir-fry. Piquantnya feels sauce is not too spicy, jalapeno chili may use the excess. Flavoring aroma Cajunnya highly fragrant tercium, greg make fat-free chicken is more palatable. Enchantment of the unique ethnic sense, I also feel the bite Grilled Lamb Chops. The meat soft, soft, without tang with a bandage or prengus spice flavors and a mild jalapeno. Very fitting when dicelupkan mint jelly in a thick, clear greenery with minced mint leaves. Balanced with the taste of delicious brown sauce dense. Crispy Salmon with a white wine sauce, which presented beautiful potatoes and asparagus make my curious. The first bite feels very crispy skin salmon, kres .. .. kres and soft flesh. White wine sauce combination with paprika sauce form a savory, spicy sensation that is unique. Although the flavor of white wine but less dominant sliced caramelized onion that are in the midst of a unique object. Fragrant, slightly crispy with a strong caramel flavor. Aroma 'land' of the fragrant fungi that titillate, picked from Portobello Tuna presented with a thick piece of meat is grilled tuna. Mold berpayung a large European original, the chopped raw and processed with fresh cream so that the color kecokelatan. Chewy taste delicious mushroom cream collide with a tasty and fragrant. Balanced with a savory taste and chewy meat tuna. Pieces of tuna liberally enough so that I not afford to spend. The main characteristic Creole dish is quite filling and not too foreign to the tongue. Because rice is presented with the paprika and stir-fry vegetable stir-fry. To muffle the taste spices, I gulp bistros. Racikan drink with sliced red wine, Kayumanis syrup, apple juice and the strawberry. Sour taste fresh, sweet tinged plus sweeps of fat and spices used in the mouth. Unfortunately I had satisfied so frustrated trying Bread Pudding Souffle is a bourbon sauce. Well ... kelembuatannya show is the first in the bribery! I wonder if the flavors of New Orleans that diusung this restaurant is full of surprises. This is not because of Michael J. Oregon native New Orleans with 15 years of experience are areas of culinary, responsible for racikan spices, to prepare detailed penyajiannya. When will leave the restaurant, I disodori Orleans Vaganza the program brochure. This program provides discounts of 30% a la carte menu to start today until 10 January 2007. Wow, I should have come back to sample exotic Jambalaya! Orleans bistros Jl. Woltermongonsidi 12 E-14A Kebayoran Baru South Jakarta Phone: 021-727-90555 Open: 10.00 - 22.00 PM Price: start Rp.100.000, 00 + + for lunch; Rp. 250000.00 + + for dinner