Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Jalan-Jalan Cafe

This is the arena's offering a variety of sensors for clubbers Jakarta, particularly the segment to the South. Spend the night in the cafe located in the 36-storey Empire Tower, the experience is indeed a difficult forgotten. Hentakan bOOks that played music DJ not enough to satisfy 'thirst' children advance nightclubs. World gleaming brought not complete if not accompanied by party and event that is able to raise the adrenalin.
Party and the event is the identity of the Road-Street Café. Party held generally something new so that always awaited the next opportunity. Party that may not be casually forgotten the clubbers among other Hurricane Party, Party Rain, Snow Blast Party, and Foam Party. In addition to experience something new, it generally shows the party girls with a sexy dress, that kelelakian.
On the seventh year, Street-Street Café in the consistent track. In addition able to overcome the crisis at the end of the era of the 1990s, this cafe also remains in the middle of the competition venues and entertainment, similar to bloom more recently. It seems reasonable as one of the clubbing arena, Road-Street Café achieved a poll as one of the cafes favorite choice of readers.
Eksistensinya in satisfying visitors, made the cafe has been withdrawn. This is what makes the cafe is divided into two floors is still dipadati clubbers, especially in the night-night weekend. One of the characteristics-Way Street Café, which is also the advantage is the diversity of entertainment that are presented. And all of that is not incorporated in one place, but scattered in the corner cafe. Therefore, as the visitors' forced 'walk to get entertainment, such entertainment.
Once out of the elevator door, clubbers will be at the bar table that provides a variety of beverages. To drink special, Road-Street Café provides a cocktail with the name of the road around the area, such as Menteng and Casablanca. For food, visitors need not worry because the variety of food dihidangkan by the restaurant in the southern side cafes.
Categorized as a cafe, Jalan-Jalan also promote the live music. If the visitors tired with hentakan music on the floor below, just to stay out on the floor. There, visitors will find the atmosphere of live music performances will take pride in that. Interestingly again, on the east side cafe table service is also available ready to accompany the visitors at any time. No less than 700 audiences pack the streets on Thursday night. This is a proof of efficacy-Road Road in menggaet his audience.