Saturday, November 15, 2008

Fusion Sushi

Jakarta - Hundreds of sushi variants appear in the full of surprises. From the type of temaki and up to four types of sushi nigiri sushi. The sushi chef who meracik spices with the concept of Fusion of East and West to create the tongue all the delicious sensation that fascinate. Interests of the sauce, aioli sauce, a special Spicy sauce, mayonnaise sauce special racikan the chef to flavor fish Roa to give the taste is very unique accents! Lunch, I decided to 'intrigue' with the sushi that I no longer enjoy. Poke Sushi that some day open new outlets in the floor of the latest 3 Pondok Indah Mall 2, South Jakarta to be the choice. Sushi restaurant is quite popular and consistent in maintaining the quality so it can survive for more than 4 years, with several branches. The name 'poke' I own the 'AHI poke', dice tuna pieces that mix with orange juice and fresh disantap typical of Hawaii. Although the room is not all fit neatly but the waitress welcomed us with a friendly smile. The concept of 'Fusion' diusung by the sushi restaurant is reflected in the books Menu. There are more than 20 types of hand Rolls / temaki sushi, a sushi dibalut nori cone-shaped and almost 50 types of sushi or four sushi roll. Not to various options main characteristic of Japan and Interests as diverse and Sukiyaki, and various variations noodles and rice to sashimi. As a note, the choice fell on the Kani Salad, Wakame Salad, and Chef's Special Salmon Salad. Kani, or crab stick, crab meat faked a cut 3 cm and disuwir fine, stirred with a little mayonnaise and presented in the incision kyuri. It feels not too good (because mayonesnya very indistinct), but the fact is harmonious with renyahnya mentimun. I find surprises when swallowing wakame the bright green, finely sliced sesame sauce with a light, tasty and fragrant. It feels very crispy, fresh impressions without rancid flavor! Salmon Salad, which I enjoy the last two extraordinary palatable. Pieces of thin Norwegian salmon mayonnaise sauce is a combination of shoyu sesame topping plus the unique feel. Especially the use of moyones Japan (Kwepie) that cause a sense of 'eneg'. , The salad is presented in a tiny portion could be directly exhausted. From dozens of sushi offered four, it was apparent that the sushi chef, Christopher Toar very creative with various racikan sausnya. Experience a sushi chef and worked on more than 20 restaurants in the United States to create highly kreasinya the globe. Until now, there are about 500 types of sushi ever week. "In fact, not 100% American influence in the United States because many immigrants, the cultural elements that appear exactly variants of the global," so clearly the chef. Lucky I can try creative newest Crunchy Dragon Roll Roa. Sounds like Liverpool cuisine, fish Roa! Yes no longer a Dragon roll, which contains kremesan (remahan a fine flour fried dough) with cream cheese sauce berbalut. Scrolls were given sushi topping the salmon finely chopped, dried with spices typical condiment Roa Manado, spicy taste like crispy fish abon. Plainly feeling the sensation of contrast and texture is very harmonious feel so good at tongue! Crunchy is a creative chef Itop, so call Christopher familiar characteristics of a four sushinya. The effect created is not complicated by sushi wrap the dough with flour and fry it to create 'kremesan' or serpihan a fried flour dough dry. Kremesan this rather special flavor dangan done so that when mixed in very tasty sushi roll without dressing with oil and very soft texture. After a full sushi sensation this, I continue to try Rising Sun Roll. The size of sushi is more than the sushi roll, which was normal because after, dibalut more sushi rice coated with flour and fried panir. The middle is the avocado slices, cheese, cream and the Kani dibalut irisn thin tuna and was with sushi rice and nori and breaded and fried. Of course, taste is very delicious soft on the inside and crispy brown on the outside. Sushi is to be bitten twice because of the large size. Aioli sauce, garlic sauce a la France, which is done by the chef who is fit cocolan make sushi taste of this delicious and fragrant aroma. Two new types of sushi roll which I enjoy, but the stomach has been satisfied. I take the Poke Toro Toro roll, which contains my favorite. Maybe next time I should be back to enjoy sushi sashimi plus another roll. Moreover, almost every time the sushi chef to create new variants of sushi. Create Account Manager they are classified sushi, it's restaurant is intended to satisfy the taste. Because of variations of sushi made very much and the price offered is not too expensive, even packages available All You Can Dine alias sekenyangnya eat with a price. Temaki like sushi, sushi or fly all types of food menu in the menu list. For lunch or evening. So, what are you waiting for? Oishii desu no sushi! Poke Sushi Jl. No Dharmawangsa VI. 6 Ruko Dharmawangsa Square South Jakarta Tel: 021-72780553 Fax: 021-72786304 Positive, floor 3 Jl. Gatot Subroto South Jakarta Pondok Indah Mall 2, floor 3 Jl. Metro Pondok Indah South Jakarta Opening hours: 10.00 - 22.00 PM Price: Sushi ala carte start of Rp. 21000.00 - Rp. 90.00,00 per share of (++), AYCE: Rp hand roll. 60000.00 + +, Roll Rp. 70000.00 + + and Rp All Menu. 110.000,00 + +